Accelerating towards digitally powered procurement


                                      Are you ready for change?

                                      It’s a brave new world out there and it’s not for the faint hearted! Procurement continues to face unprecedented change as it evolves into the future. Digitally powering operations, processes and team know-how, remains the mandate for all businesses to boost value, growth and performance.

                                      As a sourcing professional, how are you advancing digital transformation?


                                      What’s it all about?

                                      FORGE Digital Futures 2022 is the 2nd annual virtual event which in 2021 saw 450 sourcing leaders / change agents from across the globe tune in to discuss and exchange thought leadership on the digital transformation of sourcing. This year, fresh thinking from global minds will explore the business strategy behind digital transformation, assess what’s coming down the road that will have the greatest impact and importantly, address how to balance innovation with reality.

                                      Here is just some of the thought-provoking dialogue we will be having throughout the day:

                                      • Digital transformation; what’s the business stuff?!
                                      • How to manage third party risk
                                      • What tools are emerging to strengthen supply chains?
                                      • Which enabling and disruptive technologies are making waves?
                                      • How to bring in vendors who align with your goals on sustainable procurement and ESG
                                      • What talent are you looking to hire in the next 12 months?
                                      • How are you framing the digital conversation internally?
                                      • What makes transformations successful?




                                      Who should attend?

                                      FORGE Digital Futures is designed to help elevate sourcing professionals to digital gamechangers. Whether you are in the early stages of your digital strategy, or at the top of your game, the program offers stimulating and interactive discussions, debates and blue-sky thinking, to help you and your business thrive in the digital economy.

                                      • Chief Procurement Officer
                                      • Chief Supply Chain Officer
                                      • Head of Global Procurement
                                      • Head of Indirect Procurement
                                      • Head of Global Direct Materials
                                      • Head of Digital Procurement
                                      • Head of Strategy and Performance 
                                      • Head of Strategic Sourcing
                                      • Procurement Transformation
                                      • Supply Chain Transformation
                                      • Insights & Analytics, Procurement

                                      FEATURED SPEAKERS


                                      Ryan Nied

                                      Commercial Transformation Director, Global Procurement


                                      Mike Morsch

                                      VP of Procurement & Supply Chain
                                      CDK Global


                                      Vanessa Pepperell

                                      Global COO and Strategy Procurement VP
                                      Aquanima Grupo Santander

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